Frequently Asked Questions

'Q. What are the methods of payment?

A. Cheque, Postal Order, Cash and electronic transfer.


Q. Why do you do all the deliveries personally instead of using carriers?

A. I know the goods will arrive intact! And it’s nice to meet customers personally


Q. How do the shelves adjust?

A. In slots machined into the cabinet ends at one inch intervals.


Q. What type of finish is applied to the cabinets?

A. The cabinets are hand stained to a colour of your choice and then receive three coats of severe use lacquer.


Q. I have some furniture I would like you to match the cabinet colour to, is this possible?

A. Yes, we are happy to mix stains to try and achieve as close a match as possible.


Q. Do you supply cabinets to commercial clients or just private ones?

A. We are happy to supply cabinets to any type of client, business or private, business clients include Mendip Rail Company and N.E.T (Nottingham Express Transit).


Q. I’m not sure what I want, can you offer me any advice?

A. Advice is free of charge and given gladly without obligation, just drop us a line or give us a call.


Q. I want to hang the cabinet on a studded wall but am not sure if it will hold up ok?

A. Just let us know the type of wall you plan to use at the time of ordering and we will provide you with the necessary fixings to suit.


Q. If I am at work all day Monday to Friday and find it difficult to be at home to take delivery during these days am I able to make other arrangements?

A. Sure, just let us know when you place your order. We are happy to deliver Saturday and Sunday.


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